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The Manchester
Police Car Hire Company

Authentic - Northern - Collaborative

Our services

We supply police car hire and police prop/uniform hire throughout the UK for use in all kinds of film productions. 


 – Action vehicles specialising in police car hire–

– Police Uniformed supporting artists –

– Police uniforms –

– Specialist police equipment –

– Bespoke police action vehicles for one-off productions –

– Discounted rates for Independent films and Student projects –

– Police uniformed German Shepherd dogs  –

– Price guarantee in the North of England –


Whatever kind of project you are doing, our vehicles are available for productions including TV, Films, Music Videos, Online Videos, Events and advertising.



Cars to suit the needs a TV productions

We have experience in providing a range of TV productions with Police cars suitable for serious dramas, light-hearted comedies and those nail-biting thrillers.

Music Videos


Adding authenticity to Music Vids

Our vehicles and uniforms are formerly used by the Police, which helps ensure your music video is engaging and believable to the audience.

Feature Films

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Experienced in feature length films and short films

AMH has worked on feature films to create high tension footage that lets the director allow their vision to transition to the big screen.