Our Cars

A brief look at some of our fleet

Volvo S90 (Polestar)

Our big beast of a police car was previously used by HM Government and is fitted with police lights, siren and matrix message board.

Wearing Police Livery designed for Volvo UK - Special Vehicles it is perfectly suited to be a Traffic, ARV, Diplomatic Protection and Counter-Terrorism.

BMW 330D Xdrive

The mighty BMW 330D is a fantastic high-speed Police Interceptor that can perform traffic police roles along with being an Armed Response Vehicle. 

The Beemer joins our fleet after being used for counter-terrorism policing in Surrey Police and is fitted with the latest LED lighting and siren to make its presence known.

Peugeot 308

The little beat car is a familiar sight in urban areas for day-to-day community policing. Also known as Panda cars, these respond to most general policing needs.

The Pug formerly served in West Yorkshire Police and has been preserved to WYP specs.

Vauxhall Astra
Hot Fuzz

If you have seen the cult classic film, Hot Fuzz, you will be aware of the old Vauxhall Astra that starred in the movie. Fuzzy features the classic "Jam Sandwich" style police livery and can be amended to have different police force signage so that it can be used as a panda car from the 1990s and through to the 2000s.